Khusheim Valtech

Product features

  • Double block and bleed
  • Gland and stem sealing
  • Worm gear mounted
  • Spring loaded seats
  • Vent and drain
  • Anti blow out
  • Anti Static
  • Fire safe

Product Range

VALTECH Ball valves are designed, produced & tested under an accredited Quality system compliance with ISO 9001:2008 requirements, Production is 100% tested in accordance with main International standards and special testing. Our initial production plan is to manufacturing valves for the following sizes and grades.

Design and Testing Standard

“VALTECH” has the latest instruments to conduct the following Non destructive and Positive metal identification test.

  • Dye Penetrate Test
  • Magnetic Particle Test
  • Ultra Sonic Test
  • Radiography
  • PMI

Machines and Equipments

“Valtech” ball valves are designed, produced and tested under an accredited Quality Systems. Manufacturing Plant is fully equipped with modern machine and equipments to produce valves upto high standards of accuracy and saftey.

1-Band Saw for cutting force still bar.
2-Lathe Machine for providing conversion of raw materials into semifinished valve component.
3-CNC – Lathe Machine which is used for making finish valve component.
4-Trevisan machine is used for machining valves components of higher size.
5-Cylindrical Grinding Machine – use for cylindrical grinding of valve component (shaft).
6-Radial Drilling Machine – used for drilling/tapping operation of all valve components.
7-Valve Testing Machine – Use for hydrotesting (shell test/ seat test / air test) (Hydrotesting)


FARO Gage portable measurement technology has proven of immense value to valve design and reverse engineering for service and maintenance of any kind of industrial valves.

Valve Maintenance and service division

“VALTECH” valve maintenance and service division is fully equipped to provide the service for Maintenance and Overhauling of all kinds of Industrial valves on Customer site as well as at workshop facilities. Mechanical services included valve inspection, repair, overhauling, testing etc. with the help of a highly qualified and having vast experience technical team fully packed with latest repairing machines and testing equipments.


The General Management of “VALTECH” is aware of the importance that continual improvement has in company development and in the quality of the service offered to its Customers.

Therefore the Management decided to follow the principles and the Standards of ISO 9001:2008 requirements and to implement them through the “Quality Policy” and “Quality Assurance Manual”, as guidelines for it’s own organization aiming to increase the satisfaction of it’s customers.

The following is a list of guideline-objectives and methods defined by the General Management “VALTECH”.

  • To improve the quality of services offered to Customers
  • To improve the quality and reliability of it’s products
  • To improve the quality of the purchased products
  • To assure the efficiency of company quality system
  • To reduce non-conformities found in the production process