Khusheim Media Solution is a professional IPTV/OTT provider in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We provide our clients with integrated commercial IPTV/OTT solutions, with customized technologies to fulfill client requirements.


  1. Multi CDN
  2. API integrated with all known application as well available to customize as per user requirement
  3. User Statistic as per user requirement
  4. Multi or Single profile Transcoder, Streams are compatible on iOS, Android, Samsung etc…


  1. OTT / IPTV Complete Commercial and Hotel Solution
  2. Application Player Features
    1. Android / Android TV (ver 6.0 +)
    2. AppleTV / iPad / iPhone (iOS 10 +)
    3. Samsung Smart TV (Tizen 3.0 +)
    4. LG (webOS 3.x +)
    5. Web Browser TV (Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge)
    6. Linux STB (MAG322, MAG324, MAG420)
    7. Amazon FireTV
    8. FireTVCube
  3. Middleware
    1. Device Limit
    2. Push Messages
    3. Branding
    4. Security : Protect content using token, internal encryption or DRMs
    5. App Upgrade

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